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Most ball screw assemblies can be refurbished to perform to the original manufacturer's specifications but you will need an experienced and reputable ball screw rebuilder to do the work.

A rebuilt ball screw reconditioned by Express Ball Screw Repair Service can be expected to double its service life, supplying extra years of reliable operation at a fraction of the cost of a new ball screw.

Ball screw repair technology has improved to make rebuilt ballscrews a competitive alternative to costly OEM replacements. Superior linear motion positioning accuracy, extended machine life, and minimized down time can all be achieved with modern ball screw repair techniques.

The Express Ball Screw Repair Company utilize a high precision lapping process, similar to that used on the very highest quality ballscrews, to finish all the raceways on our rebuilt ball screws. This process eliminates many of the minute undulations inherent with leadscrew grinding and allows for a more consistent ball nut preload.

This proprietary lapping process coupled with the use of a superior grade of precision ball will improve machining accuracy and repeatability, helping you avoid scrapped work and time consuming offset changes.

Your machine will again operate like it was designed to. Circular and linear interpolation will be vastly improved on milled bores and turned thread cycles.

Noise and ball screw servo drive overloading will be relieved, cycle times decreased and tool wear reduced. All saving you time and money.

Because your old worn-out ball screw is returned to you after repair in like-new condition, you can be confident it will fit your machine without modification or extra costly parts that replacement ball screws often need.

It really does make sense to repair your existing used ball screw assembly.

Shipping cost and distance.

The cost of shipping, coupled with the extra time it takes for transport, is a major consideration when choosing a company to recondition your ball screw. Unfortunately some repair companies are less reputable than others. It is unlikely to save time and money if your ball screw is shelved for weeks or needs to be returned under warranty, so choosing a repair company solely based on location may not be the wisest choice. Check a company's reputation before you  send the ball screw. The internet is a wonderful resource or get a referral. It takes years to build a good reputation and a search will find it, if it is there.

FREE Return Shipping

Call Express Ball Screw Repair for help with lowering shipping cost and expediting repair time and transport. We want to earn your business and will work with your schedule to ensure your ball screw is returned promptly and at minimal cost. Smaller ball screws, under about 8 feet long and 150 pounds, can be sent through one of the reasonably priced and efficient parcel service companies. These companies offer overnight delivery anywhere in the U.S. if downtime is particularly important. Again, call us for help with your problems.


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